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Her politics is akin to the advertising strategy of for-profit managed health care companies: Indeed, the evidence suggests that the most unsafe of all family environments for children is that in which the mother is living with someone other than the child's biological father. The National Marriage Project The National Marriage Project is a nonpartisan, nonsectarian and interdisciplinary initiative supported by private foundations and affiliated with Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

One reason is that marriage rates for cohabiting couples have been plummeting. We should extend parental leave and remove marriage penalties from the tax code.

The Divorce Culture

No doubt we should be doing more for the poor, more to improve the economy in every way possible. In this tradition, liberals held that family relationships, like relationships in labor unions, were governed by principles of solidarity, mutual aid, and binding obligation whereas the marketplace was governed by principles of individual self-interest, short-term contract, and nonbinding relationships.

Given Skolnick's logic, rather than work to change structures, liberals should work to improve the quality of relationships between rich and poor, corporate moguls and low-wage workers, Donald Trump and the homeless.

The Sequel ," May-June Focusing on family structure merely stigmatized and blamed the victims.

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Even those who keep up their child support payments are deprived of the social importance and sense of larger purpose that comes from providing for children and raising a family. Another talking point may focus on the differences in the expectations men and women have for marriage and intimacy.

If fathers can cut back on their private support to their own flesh and blood, why would they tax themselves to provide public supports to other people's children.

However, it is possible to speculate about the talking points that might bring women to the bargaining table.

Controversy: Family Trouble

Nor are parents, teachers, clergy and others who instruct the young in matters of sex, love and marriage well acquainted with the social science evidence. Knopf in early In a letter to the Atlantic, they contended that I "imply erroneously that most children of divorce will have lasting problems.

Indeed, I cite many background factors behind the steep increase in divorce rates, including postwar economic affluence; the growing opportunities for women in education and the workplace; women's greater relative economic independence and thus greater freedom to leave bad marriages; weakening social sanctions against parenthood outside of marriage; the relaxation of cultural prohibitions against divorces involving children; and rising expectations for adult emotional satisfactions within marriage.

Nondisrupted two-parent households simply have a greater capacity to make higher and often longer-term investments of time and money in their children than the fast-growing alternatives: If men fail to meet their standards, many women are willing to do without them.

The traditional bargain between men and women has broken down, and a new bargain has not yet been struck. But these factors alone do not explain its single most remarkable feature: To be sure, by signaling their commitment to accepting responsibility for the rearing of their children, men have taken the essential first step.

Afterwrites Barbara Dafoe Whitehead in her book The Divorce Culture, “the rate accelerated at a dazzling pace.” She states: “It doubled in roughly a decade and continued its upward climb until the early s, when it stabilized at the highest level among advanced Western societies.

Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, author of The Divorce Culture, currently serves as the co-director of the National Marriage Project at Rutgers University. She lives in Amherst, Massachusetts and earned her Ph.D.

and M.A. from the University of Chicago and her B.A. from the University of Wisconsin. About Barbara Dafoe Whitehead: Co-director of the National Marriage Project at Rutgers University.

She lectures and writes about family and child well-be /5(12). Barbara Dafoe Whitehead's Atlantic Monthly article "Dan Quayle Was Right" ignited a media debate on the effects of divorce that rages still.

In The Divorce Culture she expands her argument/5.

Barbara Dafoe Whitehead

barbara dafoe whitehead I n a review essay that purports to include my book, The Divorce Culture, Arlene Skolnick ignores what the book actually says. Instead. Should We Live Together? RESEARCH ADVISORY BOARDA Research Advisory Board made up of the following distinguished academic and social science Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, Ph.D., an author and social critic, writes extensively on issues of marriage, family and child wellbeing.

Barbara dafoe whitehead
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